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Roomie ‘ALPHA’ Professional Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

60 Reviews



■ Benefits from the Traditional Upright Style

1 – Easier on Your Wrist

  • Lessened weight on your wrist, for the gravity center being closer to the ground.
  • You won’t feel tired or sore as normally occurs with other handheld stick vacuums.

2 – Self-Standing Feature

  • Take a break during cleaning, answer the door, or maybe pick up the phone, and simply leave the vacuum by itself.
  • Unlike handheld vacuums that would always fall without a support, and easily break themselves.

3 – Support and Recharge

  • Rest on the base for storage and auto recharging. Always there, always ready.
  • No more drilling and mounting brackets on the wall like most handheld vacuums do.

■ Also Benefits from the New-Generation Cordless Technology

  • No more tangled wire in the way and looking for wall plugs all the time.
  • Grab and go from its auto charging base, for big jobs or small.
  • With 22 kPa suction power, it’s just as powerful as a corded 1000W traditional vacuum.

■ Looking After Your Loved Ones

  • Traces of fur are not necessarily on the floor. They could be on your sofa, your bed, and some other furniture.
  • A smaller turbo brush is included and powered by our handheld vacuum to extract dirt and hair from those surface.

■ Bigger Roller = Less Effort

  • Equipped with our latest extra wide roller brush that increases the ability to capture small objects other than just dust & debris.
  • No tools required to remove the roller for easy maintenance – just a single click to unlock it from the back of the floor brush.



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Latest reviews

  1. Davidorf (verified owner)

    Great vacuum for pet hair. Suction is even better than my dyson was. Very happy

  2. Lady m (verified owner)

    Love this! Does great job on all types of floor. Why pay for some other Expensive one. This vacuum cleaner is very powerful.

  3. Thomas Halko (verified owner)

    This thing really has suction power. Wasn’t too sure when I put it together, which was simple to do, since it was so lightweight. I vacuumed first with my current machine then went over the area with this one. Very impressive. I’m glad no one was here, they would have thought I never vacuumed my rug. Comes with a lot of attachments that I haven’t used yet.

  4. Sharon J (verified owner)

    Overall, it’s an OK vacuum. Long cord, lightweight, good maneuverability due to the swivel head. Suction is okay, nothing spectacular. I would have rated this higher, except for two issues, one minor, one MAJOR. The minor one is that the power switch is located near the top of the canister. Would be a lot more convenient if it was up by the handle. But the main reason I rated it as I did is a total engineering screw up. There is a very nice array of LED lights located on the base unit. These work great when you’re vacuuming carpet. For some inexplicable reason, this was engineered that when you go to bare floor (brushless mode), it turns the LED lights off! What knucklehead would think that because I want to clean my tile floors, I wouldn’t want to see what I’m vacuuming! Obviously, this engineer never vacuumed a day in their life. Now I have to turn on all my lights just to see what I’m vacuuming. Absolutely stupid design flaw. Almost retuned unit because of this.

  5. K. Heinz (verified owner)

    This is a good vacuum for our Florida home. Most of the area I can just use a stick-vac because it’s hardwood all over – even the bedrooms. But, I have some heavy-duty area rugs in the living room and foyer, and this Alpha really gets the dirt and cat hair out of them. My favorite features: (1) the clear dirt collection container because I can see how much dirt it’s sucked out, and, (2) the mode of emptying the dirt: you just unlatch the dirt collection container over the garbage can and it falls out. No muss, no fuss and your hands stay relatively clean. Worth the money!

  6. Bob A. (verified owner)

    So glad I got this particular vacuum! Because of the 10′ hose and the extra large waste container with the available attachments for pets and the ample power for multiple tasks, including multiple fabric tools this was an A+++ purchase

  7. Corey (verified owner)

    I bought a Hoover petmate and was really disappointed. Cheap and leaked air causing a high pitch whistle. Looked around and found this one. I love that it has a separate motor for the brush roller. Idk why this isn’t more common. No belt to bind up and I don’t have to adjust the head for different height carpets and floors. The attachments all work great but only one can be stored in the vacuum. Which for me is fine. I love that the suction can be adjusted on the hose. The cord is long enough I can do my entire apartment from one plug. And it’s so far the quietest vacuum I’ve had. The brush toilet can be removed with nothing more than a coin. Which is nice as it does collect some hair and strings. I would definitely recommend this over any model Hoover.

  8. Kathy L (verified owner)

    We love this vacuum. We have had so many over the years, but never could find just the perfect one. This might be it. It does a great job. I wish it had a light on it, that would be extremely helpful. I have a slight bit of trouble with the swiveling of the vacuum head but nothing major. It is so easy just to unhook from the holder and do a quick vacuum, our pet peeve area is the cat litter box, they always seem to get it all over, and no kind of mat we put down helps. But with this I can just do a quick sweep and go on my way. I bought the extra battery, and it stores right on the holder. However, unless the vacuum is stored there there is no separate way to charge the battery on its own. The vacuum has to be in the holder so the wall outlet is plugged into it. I like the way all of the accessories fit right into the holder so everything is right there and easily accessible. I would recommend this.

  9. Veronica Militello (verified owner)

    I am loving this stick vacuum. I received it as a gift for Mother’s Day and I am so pleased with it. It’s sleek and clean looking, all while doing the job that it claims to do. I vacuum all of my tile floors with this vacuum and it’s so light weight and flexible when turning corners. A small downside to this vacuum I would have to say is that on the highest setting, you’ve got to work fast because it only lasts maybe 10 to 15 minutes. The only time I’ve used the setting on high is to vacuum my carpeted stairs. Other than that, I use it on all of my tile flooring and it does a beautiful job and never runs out on me. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a beautiful stick vacuum without spending a Dyson price tag.

  10. James Stansell (verified owner)

    I like how this vacuum works my only complaint has to do with charge time, it takes forever to charge and doesn’t do my whole place on a single charge. I live in a small two bedroom (950 sq. ft.) and if I go as fast as possible I can get everything done except one bedroom. I use the highest setting because why would you want less suction? the three settings are kind of silly. I mostly got it to be able to quickly clean up around the litter box and it does this very well.

  11. Mitchell Phlip (verified owner)

    I am satisfied for the price. This vacuum seems to be an improvement from my old Eureka. I like that it swivels and that I do not have to bend over to adjust height for carpeting it just does it as I go. The suction seems to be really good. It grabbed a lot of dust/dirt although it has been a few days since I’ve vacuumed last when the old one broke so it was expected.
    The red model came with really great attachments I will definitely be able to meet my homes needs with. It assembled in minutes and only required a flathead screwdriver. It’s not “light” but it is lighter than my old vaccum which as long as it does a great job I can I’ve with. It does propel itself very nicely with minimal resistance when pulling back which makes for a nearly effortless vacuuming.

  12. M. M. (verified owner)

    I hate to name my previous vacuum which I had for many years and loved it. However it is no longer made and I did a lot of research for a replacement to no avail. I hate the new 2 in 1 vacuums with the unit at the top of the handle. I bought a different branch similar to my last Electrolux which did not work well and did not come close to the quality or performance. I have had this Roomie Tec for about 3 weeks and love it. Suction is awesome on my hardwood floors and throw rugs, picks up around baseboards, handles perfectly and is light and so quiet. I hope it lasts forever and the type of model never goes away. I love you, Roomie Tec!!!

  13. Barbara Ann Pierce (verified owner)

    I purchased this primarily for vacuuming dog hair. I have a Labrador that sheds hair constantly. The vacuum works amazing on carpet, but not so much on hardwood floors, and my home floors are 95% hardwood.
    The roller and LED light is not operable when in hardwood floor mode, it works only in carpet mode. This LED light is one of the priority functions I needed. It allows me to see the hair on the floor. GREAT for carpet only.

  14. Lorie Sheffer (verified owner)

    I can’t rate this because there was an assembly issue. The handle is supposed to easily attach with a single screw, but the screw won’t tighten. It seems the threads never reach the opposing side. I requested a replacement, which is scheduled to arrive in three days, and a UPS pickup of the defective one, which is still pending. It’s normally not an issue for me to assemble and repair items, and my husband ( a mechanical engineer) wasn’t able to resolve it, so I’m confident I’m not at fault.

  15. The Guy (verified owner)

    What’s good about it? It’s highly maneuverable, stores nearly, and the tools are easy to get on and off. What’s bad about it? The battery only lasts a few minutes when using it on high, and the suction is not strong enough to suck up the sand that gets in the beach house. I end up sweeping and then taking off the power head and sucking up what I can with the hose only. Battery lasts less than 10 minutes and then needs to charge for several hours before being usable again. Doesn’t fit our needs.

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