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ROOMIE ‘ELITE’ Cordless Low-Reaching Vacuum Cleaner

355 Reviews
  • Brand: RoomieTEC
  • Model: SL597A
  • Motor Power: 150W
  • Battery: Li-Ion 2200mAh
  • First Available Date: 2021-12-6

CAD $89.99


Roomie “Elite”

Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with

  • Stand-Alone Rechargeable Battery,
  • HEPA Filter,
  • LED Headlights,
  • Lightweight “Unfoldable” Handle,
  • Self-Standing Upright Position,
  • and Turbo Floor Brush.

Highly Maneuverable on Any Surface

  • 6 LED Headlights – to provide excellent lighting under furniture.
  • All Rubber-Wrapped Wheels – to better prevent leaving any marks on your floorings.

Reach Under Furniture

  • Go Lower, Go Deeper – with our “Unfoldable Handle” design, you can lower the vacuum closer to the ground without squatting, and get it further into covered area.
  • Easy on Your Wrist – by unfolding the handle, it transfers a lot of weight to your hand, instead of sitting on your wrist, making it painless for daily cleaning.

One-Click Disposal

  • Keep Your Hands Clean – get rid of the dust with just one click into the garbage.
  • HEPA Filter – for cleaner filteration and readily available replacements.

Longer Run Time & Exchangeable Battery

  • ECO Mode – with approximately 35min run time and still plenty of suction to get the jobs done.
  • MAX Mode – double up the suction power for little crumbs, pet litters, carpets and area rugs.
  • Stand-Alone Battery Pack – to easily further your cleaning time by getting a backup battery, or even to replace a dead one.

Self-Standing, or Wall Mounted?

  • Not a Fan for Drilling? – No problem. We make it possible for the stick vacuum to stand by itself.
  • Prefer Secure Wall Mount? – No worries. We do have wall mount accessories and instructions included in the package.

Need a second battery pack?

  • To double the cleaning time.
  • Always standby and charged.
  • To replace an old battery pack.

Our battery packs are readily available and easy to install. Simply click and remove the original one from the backend of the ELITE vacuum, then insert the new one and set!



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Latest reviews

  1. Jeanne Sharman (verified owner)

    Easy to use, great suction and gets I to all the hard to reach places!

  2. T. B. (verified owner)

    At first it worked fine but now it will not hold a charge and is not strong enough suction to pick up carpet piles. Will have to look for something more reliable.

  3. Terri (verified owner)

    Just bought this right when prime day started…the middle of the night! It arrived an hour ago!

    So easy to put together, and…take apart. I have bad arthritis in my thumbs, so it is very hard for me to put anything together or pull or twist. This vacuum is very light weight, but very powerful. Two speeds! Oh, I had fun cleaning my front room, kitchen and dining room! It just gobbled everything up! I even ran it over my rug (the one that gets everything stuck in it and is hard for even my powerful Stark to get clean) and the Roomie Tec got it totally clean. I ran over the carpet twice to get everything, but have to do that with the Stark as well. Then, went to empty the canister that holds the dirt (hint: make sure you open it when its directly over a garbage can-lol!), it emptied right out!

    Oh, I meant to say the battery was fully charged right out of the box, but I guess that you guessed that by now. LOL! It doesn’t need a charging base because they provide a cord to plug into the side of the vacuum where the battery is housed.

  4. Johnny V. (verified owner)

    This is a very good vacuum, especially for the price!Pros: Adequate battery life for a small apartment (even when alternating between eco mode and max mode) It’s easily maneuverable because of its light weight and swiveling head? It has good suction power, especially in max mode? It can reach into very low, even under the bed and its two detachable arms are long. You can even detach one arm bar so you can vacuum even smaller spaces (like the bathroom for instance) Last but not least, it is not loud compared to full-size vacuums, even in max mode.Cons: only con I can think of has to do with its battery life as well. It won’t last an hour even in eco mode. However it sure would last close to it on full charge. I believe I’ve gone 30 or 35 minutes with it and it still had one bar of battery level left (I’ve alternated between eco and max mode too).Overall, it is a very good vacuum. If you want more suction power, use max mode. But if your floors aren’t too dirty, eco mode would certainly do the job.

  5. Tina G. (verified owner)

    This is perfect for my house (no carpets but a couple of rugs). Long battery life. Max setting for heavier dirt. Easy to switch between tools. Easy enough to empty – I take the whole thing apart every time, just takes 5 more seconds and means everything is emptied properly.

  6. DebbieDewdrop (verified owner)

    I’m loving this vacuum so far. I’ve used it to touch up areas in between major vacuuming with my central vac. The only problem is the power head moves side to side too easily, it’s hard to explain. I’d like it to be less wiggly so when I’m doing stairs it stays in place. Otherwise, it’s working great!

  7. Lisa (verified owner)

    The vacuum cleaner is light weight, quiet and easy to install. As you could see in the video, there are 6 LED lights on the head, which is useful to help you spot dirt and dust that you might miss where there isn’t a good source of light (i.e under beds,closets) battery is very good, you could used it to clean the entire house without running out of power. This vacuum cleaner is very easy to move around and empty the waste, what’s more, great suction with relatively low price, I think this feature is the most important for a vacuum cleaner. By the way, I have also used it to clean my kids car seats, it works just as good! r. If you ever want to get a vacuum cleaner, I would recommend to have this one.

  8. Chitch (verified owner)

    I should have gotten this a long time ago!Love the convenience and light weight of it.Perfect little Quicker Picker Upper! Would recommend.

  9. Frank L. (verified owner)

    I like the design looks beautiful. High technology. Quite handy. No more cord following me anymore. It can be 90 degrees turn when you’re using. Low space still can goes in for cleaning. Such as under sofa, coffee table, end table and under your bed.

  10. LILIANA (verified owner)

    Super cool !!!!

  11. Lucie B. (verified owner)

    what you see is what you get

  12. tim trojek (verified owner)

    no dislikes

  13. Susie Nelson (verified owner)

    someone thought of every possible detail to make it perfect

  14. Marion J (verified owner)

    I was considering to buy a Dyson, but was very hesitant due to the high price, so I decided to give this Roomie a try and if I don’t like it, I could return it. I am glad I made this purchase, the Roomie elite works just fine. The suction power is enough for hard floors and on carpet you can use the max mode. After the initial charge I vacuumed for 30 minutes and it was still running. So the battery time is ample, I do not use the max mode a lot. It’s head is very flexible and it is easy to go under low furniture as well. The only con so far is the rubber around the cleaning head, I know its for protection to not damage itself or other things, but this rubber prevents you from vacuuming along a wall – because it sort of sticks. so you have to go forward to the wall to get to it.So overall I am happy with this cordless vacuum and I did not have to spend a fortune, another positive thing is the replaceable battery, if you have a bigger house get a second one to give you twice the vacuuming time.

  15. Carm & Paige (verified owner)

    Surprising power for how light weight the body is, battery charged from completely dead to full in under 2 hours. Super quiet, I used max more for 10/15 mins and the battery didn’t go down at all, I couldn’t believe how much sand and lint were in my couch and rug, I vaccume often and have a robot that goes around(it already went around today and had a full canister. The hepa filter also caught a lot of micro dust !

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