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Roomie ‘ALPHA’ Professional Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

4 Reviews

CAD $239.99


■ Benefits from the Traditional Upright Style

1 – Easier on Your Wrist

  • Lessened weight on your wrist, for the gravity center being closer to the ground.
  • You won’t feel tired or sore as normally occurs with other handheld stick vacuums.

2 – Self-Standing Feature

  • Take a break during cleaning, answer the door, or maybe pick up the phone, and simply leave the vacuum by itself.
  • Unlike handheld vacuums that would always fall without a support, and easily break themselves.

3 – Support and Recharge

  • Rest on the base for storage and auto recharging. Always there, always ready.
  • No more drilling and mounting brackets on the wall like most handheld vacuums do.

■ Also Benefits from the New-Generation Cordless Technology

  • No more tangled wire in the way and looking for wall plugs all the time.
  • Grab and go from its auto charging base, for big jobs or small.
  • With 22 kPa suction power, it’s just as powerful as a corded 1000W traditional vacuum.

■ Looking After Your Loved Ones

  • Traces of fur are not necessarily on the floor. They could be on your sofa, your bed, and some other furniture.
  • A smaller turbo brush is included and powered by our handheld vacuum to extract dirt and hair from those surface.

■ Bigger Roller = Less Effort

  • Equipped with our latest extra wide roller brush that increases the ability to capture small objects other than just dust & debris.
  • No tools required to remove the roller for easy maintenance – just a single click to unlock it from the back of the floor brush.



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Latest reviews

  1. Glo (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I love the stair attachment and it’s very quiet. I found it a little bottom heavy when making sharp manoeuvres but I find it quite powerful. I like the charging base. Wish there was a place on the base for all the attachments, not just two of them. Charge lasts a good length of time. So far very happy. Have had ths machine for three month so far.

  2. Siyal Celik (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I had the chance to test many cordless vacuum cleaners. Some of them are very close to being as powerful as traditional corded vacuum cleaners. I am happy to see this. ROOMIE TEC Alpha Professional Cordless vacuum is one of the powerful ones I tested. However, I must say it probably won’t replace your corded vacuum cleaner yet. I really liked that it can stand upright. Having different brush heads and being convertible to a handheld vacuum are great plusses. The battery life is short, about 10-15 mins. Cleaning the container could be easier.

  3. Librarian (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] We’ve all heard of the storybook engine that huffs and puffs its way over the steep mountain. Well, I’m starting to think that this item is equally plucky….it’s The Little Vac that Could. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I have several stick vacs for quick clean ups and two full size vaccuums for routine housework (one canister vac and one bagged vac). But honestly, this vacuum can handle either job. It’s not as small as dust devil, and it’s not as big as a full size, either, which helps it leverage features from both categories. Run it over your kitchen floor, or your deep pile carpet…this thing can handle it. We’ve set it up in a corner, so we can grab it anytime we need it. What’s more, you can get 35-40 minutes of full power on one charge, which is all I need. Really impressed with this one. (So much that I suspect that it’s going to put a couple of our other vacs out of commission.)

  4. funbear (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] this is a nice little powerful med sized vac
    what makes it unqiue is, it becomes a handheld vac that has great power
    the ergonomics are very good, could be a tad taller
    the suction is great, the capture is great, easy to dump
    the quality of the build is very good…
    I have had lots of dysons…
    IMO, save the money and get these brands that are 1/3 the price point

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hi there. Our ALPHA's dimension is 27*30*112cm, and the weight is about 2.9kg.
  2. A Hi there. Please press the button above the logo "α", and then you can open the dust capacity easily.


Roomie ‘RICKY’ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

CAD $149.99
(0 Reviews)
  • ✅Powerful Cordless Vacuum - High power with 3 adjustable speed modes. Low mode runs for up to 43 minutes, regular mode for 22 minutes, and high mode for 10 minute.
  • ✅2-in-1 Handheld Vacuum - Can be used as a stick vacuum or handheld vacuum. Comes with crevice and multi-functional brush heads for use on car interiors, sofas, curtains, and more.
  • ✅Advanced Brushless Motor - Equipped with an advanced brushless motor for efficient cleaning and longer lifespan.
  • ✅HEPA Filtration System - Features a multi-stage filtration system with stainless steel and dual HEPA filters for improved dust collection and easy cleaning.
  • ✅LED Brush - Comes with 6 LED lights on the floor brush for better visibility and easier cleaning in low light conditions.
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