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Roomie ‘ALPHA’ Professional Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

60 Reviews



■ Benefits from the Traditional Upright Style

1 – Easier on Your Wrist

  • Lessened weight on your wrist, for the gravity center being closer to the ground.
  • You won’t feel tired or sore as normally occurs with other handheld stick vacuums.

2 – Self-Standing Feature

  • Take a break during cleaning, answer the door, or maybe pick up the phone, and simply leave the vacuum by itself.
  • Unlike handheld vacuums that would always fall without a support, and easily break themselves.

3 – Support and Recharge

  • Rest on the base for storage and auto recharging. Always there, always ready.
  • No more drilling and mounting brackets on the wall like most handheld vacuums do.

■ Also Benefits from the New-Generation Cordless Technology

  • No more tangled wire in the way and looking for wall plugs all the time.
  • Grab and go from its auto charging base, for big jobs or small.
  • With 22 kPa suction power, it’s just as powerful as a corded 1000W traditional vacuum.

■ Looking After Your Loved Ones

  • Traces of fur are not necessarily on the floor. They could be on your sofa, your bed, and some other furniture.
  • A smaller turbo brush is included and powered by our handheld vacuum to extract dirt and hair from those surface.

■ Bigger Roller = Less Effort

  • Equipped with our latest extra wide roller brush that increases the ability to capture small objects other than just dust & debris.
  • No tools required to remove the roller for easy maintenance – just a single click to unlock it from the back of the floor brush.



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Latest reviews

  1. Kind man (verified owner)

    The reason I gave this a 4 rating is not because of how the vaccum operates. It is great, light weight, easy to manuver, & picks up pet hair fantastic. But….I have tried everything to get the *top* part of plastic bin off & cannot. I even called Kenmore, but they were unable to help. I have to take a long straight piece of metal to get hair, etc out of the top of the bin. Not easy. Anyone who might know the secret, I would b glad of advice. The part that shd turn (I think) simply will not move. Looking at arrows on lid makes it seem as if it shd b simple. It is not.

  2. Ananda (verified owner)

    I knew i woyls like it. There is truly something wrong w the rating of some other vacuum cleaners. This is my first new vacuum, i had plenty of used ones. The last one was a sturdy olds mobile, but was solid and had a sturdy metal wand and a long cable. Thats what i wanted again. I had a bissel bagless and the wand was plastic and 1 mm thick. When it fell over it just broke off – never ever again. Anyway seeing a review about this cute thing i had to give it a try. It said on a review that it does not roll well on higher carpets- yes its true. It has a long hose and i can maneuver easy even with carring the vacuum. Great suction, lots of fun attachments. It swivels and its not bulky to maneuver around, super long cable. Its the best thing i ever got, l love this thing.

  3. Erin k. Clark (verified owner)

    Perfect for our home with a small dog that sheds. Quick clean up!

  4. Piere (verified owner)

    My Dyson suddenly didn’t have suction anymore, so I searched for a new vacuum, and ordered this one. My husband used it first, and told me I had ordered a really bad product, but he didn’t open it correctly. OMG, once that thing was lifted, our dog hair just disappeared. We have a yellow lab, and I then realized how bad my old vacuum cleaner had been. Our big house is so much cleaner now. In a way I wish it would have a paper filter which can just be tossed, but I am just careful when I empty the container not to make too much dust. I truly hope this vacuum will last a long time.

  5. Richard (verified owner)

    the hose continually comes loose from the base and i find im going over things 3 times before i think about checking it. If its “plugged in” like it should to the base unit it works pretty well. If it had a positive clip or twist connection it would be great. When you take the hose off and use it as a wand, it works pretty well.

  6. C. Boone (verified owner)

    This vac is perfect for quick clean ups and works great on getingt all the dirt and hair left behind my dog. I was impressed by the quality of this vac for the price I paid.

  7. densters (verified owner)

    This vacuum really sucks. It’s so easy to use and let’s me clean so much faster. I’m sorry I didn’t get one of these years earlier. I like the light weight and the easy release dirt container. Highly recommend this vacuum.

  8. Tiger NO (verified owner)

    Best vacuum I’ve ever used. Super light weight!! Pets hair is now a thing of the past! Has light or heavy suction power which is great for switching from floor to carpet!

  9. C. Jackson (verified owner)

    Love love love this guy. Works far better than any other vacuum I’ve owned, even my Dyson ball. I love it. I have high pile almost shaggy like carpet in my apartment which is a pain in the you-know-what to clean. This gets it like a charm. I can actually see dirt rumbling up as it’s nearing an area. It’s amazing. So happy with this purchase!

  10. Minnabean (verified owner)

    Got this vacuum to have in the basement so I wouldn’t have to drag one up and down the stairs. Fantastic suction! Extension tube is supposed to extend to 10 feet but when ever I use it the pull on it always tanks the whole unit over. The wand tool should be longer. Otherwise…great vac for the price!

  11. Terry in DE (verified owner)

    Excellent, company is really good in behalf of any concern about the vacuum function

  12. T. Evans (verified owner)

    We have hardwood floors and area rugs. I was using two different vacuums to take care of the floors. I liked the versatility of this design, but I wasn’t sold on a battery powered device. Well, after getting it and using it for a few days. I love it. It’s light, the amount of charge is more than enough. I can easily do our entire downstairs and still have charge left.

    Suction is good – gets dog hair embedded in the area rugs well – on medium. It is such a breeze, I can vacuum daily.

    The only negative is the size of the debris holder. I’ll say that all vacuums of this size have this issue. But, since I vacuum more frequently, this isn’t as big an issue as one might think.

    Appears solidly constructed and the different attachments work well.

  13. LUVS TO SING (verified owner)

    I needed to read the directions in order to fully understand how to make it function appropriately. Once I familiarized myself with it, I am thrilled! It has the ability to go under and around furniture very easily and picks up very well.

  14. Happyness (verified owner)

    Loved the vacuum until I didn’t. Roller brush quit–took off the bottom plate, belt was still in tact but the motor to drive the belt had just quit. I bought this 4/1/2021…..two months ago.

  15. Dyane Heard (verified owner)

    I read the reviews and watched the video with most of my interest in the pet attachment. The reviews pertained to the vacuum performance but I couldnt find any on the attachments. I have had vacuums with this attachment and the brush quit rotating when coming into contact with the fabric. When it arrived my first test was the pet attachment, if didn’t work it I would process a return. I have a large German Sheppard with black hair and it is everywhere. It worked perfectly, I was able to go back and forth as well as side to side and diagonallywith brush continually rotating. The other attachments worked wonderfully as well. I especially liked the fan looking one as it worked on my blinds and flat surfaces. The vacuum it’s self is lightweight and worked well as our home had wood floors. On the smaller area /scatter rugs it had a little to much suction so I will do with the roller off using it for the large rugs. I do wish it had one more wand extender as the hose will compact it itself but it may loosen/soften as I use it. This will make housework and dusting a lot easier.

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