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Roomie ‘ALPHA’ Professional Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

60 Reviews



■ Benefits from the Traditional Upright Style

1 – Easier on Your Wrist

  • Lessened weight on your wrist, for the gravity center being closer to the ground.
  • You won’t feel tired or sore as normally occurs with other handheld stick vacuums.

2 – Self-Standing Feature

  • Take a break during cleaning, answer the door, or maybe pick up the phone, and simply leave the vacuum by itself.
  • Unlike handheld vacuums that would always fall without a support, and easily break themselves.

3 – Support and Recharge

  • Rest on the base for storage and auto recharging. Always there, always ready.
  • No more drilling and mounting brackets on the wall like most handheld vacuums do.

■ Also Benefits from the New-Generation Cordless Technology

  • No more tangled wire in the way and looking for wall plugs all the time.
  • Grab and go from its auto charging base, for big jobs or small.
  • With 22 kPa suction power, it’s just as powerful as a corded 1000W traditional vacuum.

■ Looking After Your Loved Ones

  • Traces of fur are not necessarily on the floor. They could be on your sofa, your bed, and some other furniture.
  • A smaller turbo brush is included and powered by our handheld vacuum to extract dirt and hair from those surface.

■ Bigger Roller = Less Effort

  • Equipped with our latest extra wide roller brush that increases the ability to capture small objects other than just dust & debris.
  • No tools required to remove the roller for easy maintenance – just a single click to unlock it from the back of the floor brush.



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Latest reviews

  1. Beth (verified owner)

    This is my favorite vacuum, ever, so far!! I’ve had it for about a month — I got this to replace two dysons which had bit the dust, and I love this Kenmore more than both of the previous Dysons!! I use it on tile, low pile carpet, and shag carpet — and I could not be happier with it’s movement / maneuverability, lightness for carrying up steps, and performance on getting every bit of crumbs.
    I manage a short term rental, so I am using this vacuum for a couple hours a couple days a week. It has performed perfectly so far!

  2. terry s dillon (verified owner)

    It appears powerfull but it does not swivel like my other stick vac did. It ��s more like an upright to maneuver. It back and forth no kind of turning.

  3. Tom (verified owner)

    This vacuum is awesome!
    I have sinus problems and the hepa filter prevents smells and dander from escaping.
    Lightweight, what a great turning radius. Easy to push and pull. It gets everything! Nothing left behind.
    Glad I decided on this one. I did my homework and compared, read all reviews and that resulted in a great lightweight vacuum.

  4. Dan (verified owner)

    Great suction. Love all the tools except 1, which is where we end up with 4 stars. The pet tool is flawed and where the roller fits into the upper part of the receiver does not match up. The lower part fits like a glove but the upper section is too wide so the roller tends to slip up and jam. If you don’t need the pet tool, I would definitely buy this vacuum.

  5. Eugene Choo (verified owner)

    OMG! I love this thing. Why didn’t I replace my 15 year old vacuum cleaner years ago. This Roomie vac cleaned my bedroom carpet in one cleaning. I have a Boxer dog, and while she does not shed a ton of hair, the Bissell sucked up five times more hair than my previous Eureka. My carpet looks new again. I can’t believe it. I’ve also used this cleaner on our wood floors and vinyl kitchen floor. With four different height adjustments, it cleans like a champ. I’ve been using it for a month now and highly recommend it. I love that it has no bags. Saves money. Easy to remove and dump in the trash. I like the longer than normal extension cord. The swivel is a great feature to get into corners and hard to get places. It comes with about five different attachments for sofas, corners, walls. Great price. Great product. Highly recommend!

  6. Tonya (verified owner)

    Being used to a regular vacuum, it took a little getting used to the swivel. The suction is GREAT! It picked up so much on my small area I tested. I have 2 cats, a toddler and a border collie mini Australian Shepard cross to give an idea of what it got a workout on! The canister is a little harder to open than I’m used to and made a mess trying to I empty it.

  7. S. Warfield (verified owner)

    I love this vacuum cleaner. I bought it to replace my old one finally broke down. This one is within my price range, and is a very good value despite higher-priced ones with more features.

    It comes with several tools for dusting, doing drapes, furniture and others, and is great for anyone who has allergies or lots of pet hair around. I have three cats, so I need something with dood suction to keep my floors and rugs clean.

    Assembly is very easy and took about ten or fifteen minutes. This one is self-propelled and I love that it swivels. This is the first vacuum cleaner that I have owned that has these two features, and they work very well. The machine takes off when turned on, and I was surprised at the power and suction it has. The canister is easily removed to empty and return to its place.

    My only problem is that it is a bit heavier than I expected it to be becat my old one is lighter. It’s worth it, though.

    I definitely am very happy with this purchase.

  8. Matias A. (verified owner)

    Love it, little upset it’s now $20 less than a week ago when I ordered it. But happy with purchase

  9. Alexsandera (verified owner)

    More suction then my old vac. And it cost less dollars and claimed to be the world strongest suction… this vacume beat it in every aspect… great product !!

  10. Harmony (verified owner)

    I love it and easy to use. If you have pet (cats or dogs) it is worth it to buy, I never see my carpet clean. The vacuum is so powerful but the only thing is the accessories has no space attach to the vacuum. The vacuum is not very loud.

  11. TimB (verified owner)

    Read the reviews on this and others. Spent 200 on a vacuum and it has been total garbage. Too many moving parts is a bad thing for vacuums in general. So I bought this one for a few reasons. First reason is spending alot means nothing nowadays. I could care less what any sites say products today are disposable. sad because it is all about business and selling more. Not to mention bad for the environment. Second Bissell is a decent brand used to be better but decent. Third I wanted a vacuum not a space shuttle.

    This one fits the bill because people it is all about the size of the brush bristles and the roller size. Now we have 5 yes 5 siberian huskys and no one ever stops shedding. I pulled this out for the test and had the box ready to send back when it failed. It did not it worked very well with the very worst pet hair of all time. You have no idea.

    Now lets talk about some common sense here with some of the reviews from the yokels on the board. When you run a vacuum you need to listen to the sound it makes and if you do you won’t burn out belts and all the other horrors that might happen. If the sound changes empty the vacuum or stop and check things.

    This is vacuum and it is a bit plastic in feel but it will do the job. Will it last 30 years like you moms Hoover. No and guess what nothing will. Them days are gone amigo. Also if you run this thing and pack the canister thicker than the density of mercury yeah it will burn belts and die in 6 months.

    So some sage advice buy the vacuum and use it prudently and it will work for pet hair but its not a shop vac. Last thing….the vacuum roller does not rurn off when fully upright hence 4 stars. End of the world no but an oddity for sure. So do not turn it on and leave it running while you make a hot cocoa. It will burn your carpet. If this is a show stopper then move on.

    But in response to the 1000 questions on pet hair this system very much works in a worst case scenario. Shop on.

  12. Mamita (verified owner)

    We use our vacuum 2-3 times per week to keep control of the amount of hair our 2 dogs leave all over the house. We thought this would be a great option due to its reviews and it being a “pet vacuum”, on the contrary, the belt gets clogged with hair ALL THE TIME. At least every other week i have to take off the belt cover and get all the hair out. Please my friends, don’t waste your money

  13. Cindybeur (verified owner)

    We have had our Eureka vacuum for over ten years but has lost suction over the last couple of years, I was going to get a eureka again when I decided on the Roomie, and I’m happy I did! I used our old vacuum only to clean just the hallway and went over it with the Bissell after, it got so much more! We have two long hair cats and it picked up all the cat hair that was trapped in the carpet so impressed I’m hoping it lasts! Also I want to add it brought our carpet back to life, it brushed our carpet nicely to make it look like new again, doesn’t look flat and dated.

  14. Sky S. (verified owner)

    It sucks very well. The only problem I have is the fact that when I have the power button all the way down it likes to pull me to keep moving forward like a toddler does when they see a toy and their parent is not moving fast enough. It takes a little getting used to but the amount of dirt that went into the filter cup compared to other vaccuums I’ve had is no comparison. It does the job. It may feel like it has too much sucking power especially if you use it on furniture and use the wrong tool

  15. Jonathan L. Taylor (verified owner)

    I took that picture after maybe 40 seconds of use. The picture says it all, but does not do it justice. I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a new vacuum, especially with pets. My only petpieve, is it has room for every attachment except for 1..still a 5 stat definitely!

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