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Roomie ‘ALPHA’ Professional Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

60 Reviews



■ Benefits from the Traditional Upright Style

1 – Easier on Your Wrist

  • Lessened weight on your wrist, for the gravity center being closer to the ground.
  • You won’t feel tired or sore as normally occurs with other handheld stick vacuums.

2 – Self-Standing Feature

  • Take a break during cleaning, answer the door, or maybe pick up the phone, and simply leave the vacuum by itself.
  • Unlike handheld vacuums that would always fall without a support, and easily break themselves.

3 – Support and Recharge

  • Rest on the base for storage and auto recharging. Always there, always ready.
  • No more drilling and mounting brackets on the wall like most handheld vacuums do.

■ Also Benefits from the New-Generation Cordless Technology

  • No more tangled wire in the way and looking for wall plugs all the time.
  • Grab and go from its auto charging base, for big jobs or small.
  • With 22 kPa suction power, it’s just as powerful as a corded 1000W traditional vacuum.

■ Looking After Your Loved Ones

  • Traces of fur are not necessarily on the floor. They could be on your sofa, your bed, and some other furniture.
  • A smaller turbo brush is included and powered by our handheld vacuum to extract dirt and hair from those surface.

■ Bigger Roller = Less Effort

  • Equipped with our latest extra wide roller brush that increases the ability to capture small objects other than just dust & debris.
  • No tools required to remove the roller for easy maintenance – just a single click to unlock it from the back of the floor brush.



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Latest reviews

  1. Brandy (verified owner)

    Only had this a week, but so far very worth the money. I have never spent over $100 for a vacuum, and my husband talked me into spending the money on a good quality vacuum. I am so happy he convinced me. It is a little on the heavy side but that’s just a minor issue. The suction is AMAZING! My only complaint is the hose keeps falling off the bottom loop, so as I vacuum it kind of hangs there swinging. Easy to go from carpet to hard surfaces.

  2. Tony Stark (verified owner)

    This has worked a lot better than others I have bought.Although I have had to invest in a Dyson Animal because this lightweight vacuum doesn’t cut it for pet hair. After vacuuming a rug with it, then revaccuming with the Dyson Animal I was amazed by the hair and dirt that was left behind in this lightweight vacuum. It works well for hard floors but definitely not rugs or carpets.

  3. SUBasketball1 (verified owner)

    Wished I had this vac years ago. Always bought cheap vacuums figuring suction is suction and if it lasts about 2 years, who cares. Now that I’m older, my back won’t allow me to do that hard pushing and pulling without it starting to scream at me within one to two average size rooms. Bought a roomie, to help with pet hair. OK for surface cleaning, but still need to vacuum at least every 2 to 3 days. (3 days would be pushing it). First time I used this vacuum, it started to take off by itself. Vacuumed a couple of floors. Filled the container which I was expecting to do. So easy to use. No back aches. I now have used it a few times, and would never go back to the really cheap ones. Think the most I ever spent on a vacuum was maybe 80 bucks tops, so this price was the most I ever spent, and still a lot cheaper than the high end models out there. The cord length is fine for most rooms. I don’t mind having to change plugs. I don’t mind that the attachments don’t go on the vac and have to be stored separately. After a while, the attachments get stretched out and keep falling off any. This vac has made vacuuming so much easier, that I will never buy another regular vac again. So far it’s worth every cent.

  4. Kelly P. (verified owner)

    Best vacuum I have ever purchased! Way better than the shark I had. I have a long hair Shepard, this thing sucks up every single hair.. the HEPA feature is a blessing I have allergies as well as my kids and grandkids.
    It’s easy to use, lightweight and easily moves around. The 1st one I ordered was damaged in delivery and returned before I got it, I ordered another and received it right away as well as the refund for the 1st one.
    I’m a tough reviewer and I have nothing but Goid things to say about this product.

  5. jenn blue (verified owner)

    This is an awesome little vacuum cleaner that has such great suction and maneuvers beautifully. The cord is super long and it stores in tight places wonderfully. Easy to clean filter. I recommend this vacuum totally.

  6. autumn (verified owner)

    I feel like my rugs are clean for the first time in years. I’ve been using light weight Shark and Dyson vacuums for the past few years. I feel like this vacuum has the suction quality of a high-quality old school vacuum! I’m really pleased with the suction power!!! Solid quality at a good price

  7. Robin Lee R Ferri (verified owner)

    Suction is great. I’m small so it’s not that light for me but also not that heavy. It swivels and sucks up lots of dog hair so it does the job well.

  8. martyman (verified owner)

    This vacuum has more than met our expectations. It has excellent suction and does a wonderful job on carpeted surfaces. The amount of dirt that it picked up from carpeting that we thought had been well vacuumed was remarkable. It is very maneuverable and can transition to hard floor surfaces with the press of a button. The vacuum is light weight and has a convenient handle for carrying. The dirt canister is very easy to dump and clean.

  9. Jayne M (verified owner)

    The power is incredible! Living with 3 dogs, I needed to improve on my old vacuum cleaner. I thought the old one did a reasonable job, but this one picked up so much dust and hair so quickly that I can again see the real color of my rug and furniture!

  10. CT (verified owner)

    This vacuum cleaner has all the great benefits of a heavy duty vacuum cleaner in a lightweight machine. It’s brilliant! I’ve been looking for something like this for years.

  11. AMD (verified owner)

    I was surprised to see how high quality the vacuum was for the price of it with a nice price. I use it about twice a week and its still running great, no loss in suction. We have only one small haired dog so there isn’t a huge amount of dirt around. The devise allows for easy transition between the handheld and the main body! its really really great. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone.

  12. Bobby Smart (verified owner)

    I love this vacuum so far. I have a free range bunny so there’s always hair to vacuum up on the hardwood floor and low pile area rugs. It really has great suction (compared to others I’ve tried) even on the rug and pulls up all my pets hair. Been using for a couple of weeks now and very happy. I tried a Chinese brand before this and it stopped working well within a week. This one though is definitely a keeper though.

  13. Jillian P (verified owner)

    This works great getting my dog’s hair out of carpets/rugs. If maneuvers well. But a wheel fell off while I was using it after around 3 months. Have to find a replacement piece to repair it.

  14. Dan Bassett (verified owner)

    I waited a while to review this so I could really see how it worked. I had done a lot of research before I purchased it. It is fantastic to not have a cord to deal with. I mounted the charger/holder in my closet and it is out of the way and stays on the wall no issues. The attachments are great. The suction is good but not as good as my old bagless (corded) Bissell upright. It has a hard time with cat hair on a rug. I have to go over and over with high suction (there are 3 settings for suction) and then often still have to bend down and pick it off the rug. It’s almost a fair trade though that I don’t have to keep unplugging and moving to a new outlet to plug back in though. My house is small, and I use medium suction on the floors and high on the area rugs, of which there are only a couple. It usually runs out of power (very suddenly) before I finish unless I speed vacuum. I would give this 5 stars if it had a longer running time, even though the suction isn’t as strong as I had hoped. I know that you can buy a second battery for it but it is not something that you could switch out quickly (need a screw driver) and it has to be installed in the vacuum to charge so it isn’t a feasible option for day to day use. If the battery eventually starts to not hold a charge its nice I can buy a new one and not have to buy a new vacuum though. If they could make this with a better battery life or a quick change battery option and just a little more suction power it would be the perfect vacuum.

  15. KC (verified owner)

    This vacuum has good suction, maneuvers well and is easy to operate (very easy to remove, empty and reinstall the compartment that holds the debris) It works well on both carpet and hardwood floors. My only complaint is that I bought this because it advertised a long hose that would make cleaning tall areas easy. It does indeed have a long hose, but the pieces that attach to the hose are short therefore not at all practical for this task. There needs to be longer pieces that actually make it useful.

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