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Roomie “Elite”

Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with

  • Stand-Alone Rechargeable Battery,
  • HEPA Filter,
  • LED Headlights,
  • Lightweight “Unfoldable” Handle,
  • Self-Standing Upright Position,
  • and Turbo Floor Brush.

Highly Maneuverable on Any Surface

  • 6 LED Headlights – to provide excellent lighting under furniture.
  • All Rubber-Wrapped Wheels – to better prevent leaving any marks on your floorings.

Reach Under Furniture

  • Go Lower, Go Deeper – with our “Unfoldable Handle” design, you can lower the vacuum closer to the ground without squatting, and get it further into covered area.
  • Easy on Your Wrist – by unfolding the handle, it transfers a lot of weight to your hand, instead of sitting on your wrist, making it painless for daily cleaning.

One-Click Disposal

  • Keep Your Hands Clean – get rid of the dust with just one click into the garbage.
  • HEPA Filter – for cleaner filteration and readily available replacements.

Longer Run Time & Exchangeable Battery

  • ECO Mode – with approximately 35min run time and still plenty of suction to get the jobs done.
  • MAX Mode – double up the suction power for little crumbs, pet litters, carpets and area rugs.
  • Stand-Alone Battery Pack – to easily further your cleaning time by getting a backup battery, or even to replace a dead one.

Self-Standing, or Wall Mounted?

  • Not a Fan for Drilling? – No problem. We make it possible for the stick vacuum to stand by itself.
  • Prefer Secure Wall Mount? – No worries. We do have wall mount accessories and instructions included in the package.

Need a second battery pack?

  • To double the cleaning time.
  • Always standby and charged.
  • To replace an old battery pack.

Our battery packs are readily available and easy to install. Simply click and remove the original one from the backend of the ELITE vacuum, then insert the new one and set!

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