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Larry M Hodgson

This is the second one I have bought. The first one still works after 2 years, but we are tired of moving it in and out of our motorhome. I can highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. It is so easy clean floors.

Debbie. C

I use this vacuum daily to keep up with my dog hair, and cat litter that scatter the floors. Unlike some of the other stick vacuums, this one really DOES pick up cat litter. The charging stand is very convenient. I went from an Electrolux Ergorapido, to this, and it is MUCH better!! The roller doesn't always pop off on the bottom, you can vacuum rugs with it, and it is much sturdier! Also, the Electrolux charger kept breaking (I replaced it 3 times), and this convenient stand does not have that issue. I am very happy with this machine!

Meg. L

I’m super pleased with my early “Christmas gift” it was a present to the whole family as it makes cleaning up the kitchen and our hardwood floors super easy. I also have a Roomba that I must say has taken a back seat to this vacuum as we can use it just about anywhere in our home. We don’t have a lot of carpeted areas, just the stairs and bedrooms so this is exactly what we needed for the quick clean. The suction is exactly what we needed and I like the removable handheld when needed (but it’s right there too!) for use throughout the house.

Maricela. G

My toddler makes such a mess while eating. This is so helpful for post feeding clean up and just all around clean up throughout the house. I use it in all floor types (wood, tile and carpet). Love that the charge last so long and it's cordless. Super easy to install and use! I got one for my parents who are older bc it is also super lightweight! Do yourself and your home a favor and ORDER IT! No bags, no hassle. Great at picking up my long hair that falls out a lot lately 5 ⭐️ s!

T White

I purchased this item and just hoped it was not like the others. I am so glad I gave this item a try; it is not like the others. The vacuum works well from picking up dust to cleaning an entire carpet area. The suction is great, and cleaning after is even better. Pulling trash front eh rollers is easy, and you just don’t have that feeling of I can use this once or twice, and then it not be any good. Great buy!

Harry. B

This vacuum is so powerful when I was vacuuming my newly washed comforter to remove the cat hair. I stopped after just a couple of swipes with the hose & attachment that has the little red brush looking strips on it & OMG! u should see all the dust & dirt it pulled out of it & as I said earlier I just washed it. wow u all did not have enough stars for me to properly rate it.
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