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Keep Track of Your Body

  • 11 Metrics keeping fit is not just about weight anymore, it is about the overall wellness of your body. “Sophie” has 11 body metrics to help you know yourself better.
  • Body Age “Sophie” analyzes your body composition and calculate your body age. It shows directly whether you’re ahead of your actual age, or behind.

Work Towards Your Goal

  • “Feelfit” APP – our free iOS/Android APP that works best with “Sophie”. You may also record the stats with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and etc.
  • Workout Buddy– “Sophie” keeps track of your progress towards your fitness goal, like a coach.

Accurate, All The Time

  • 4 High Precision Sensors – accurate to two decimal, with BIA technology, and maximum capacity of 330 lbs.
  • Auto Calibration – “Sophie” provides consistent accuracy by performing auto calibration after each use. It also auto turns ON/OFF by stepping on and off the scale.


  • Hands Free no need to look for your phone every time, “Sophie” stores your stats for you. Just step on it now, and track the stats later.
  • Auto Transfer whenever you open our “Feelfit” APP, your previous stored stats will be automatically transferred to your phone. It’s that easy.
  • Unlimited User Profiles create multiple accounts in one APP, keep track of the wellness of your entire family.
  • Kid Friendly you will be surprised how much 2 year old’s love “Sophie”. My baby boy does not go to bath without standing on it first.
  • Watch their growth “Sophie” really helps to record the growth of the young members of your family.

Meet Your New Roomie – Sophie !

The One and Only Smart Body Scale For You.
  • Know your body with 11 metrics
  • Keep track of your fitness goals
  • Works with iOS/Android APPs
  • Built-in memory to store upto 30 uses
  • Auto Calibration for consistent accuracy
  • Unlimited user profiles for entire family and more
  • Local Support Teams based all over North America
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