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Roomie ‘VINCENT’ 2-in-1 Cordless SlimVac Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Roomie “Vincent”

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with

  • ECO Mode for floor & Tile,
  • MAX Mode for rug & carpet,
  • 4-Stage Cyclone Filtration System,
  • 6 LED Headlights,
  • Self-Standing Upright Position,
  • and Auto Charging Base.
Powerful Suction
  • ECO Mode – great for daily uses, saving battery while vacuuming floors, tiles, and other hard surfaces.
  • Turbo Mode – extra suction power for uses on carpets and rugs, picking up pet hairs, cat litters, and etc.
LED Lights & Rubber Wheels
  • 6 LED Lights – brightens the path around the corners, and under your furniture.
  • Protect Your Floor – all wheels are wrapped with rubber to prevent leaving any marks on your flooring.
Auto Recharge & Storage
  • Auto Recharge – leave Vincent on the charging base after each use, it will automatically recharge, and stop when fully charged.
  • Storage – fold down from upright position, so you can put it away in your closet easily.


Extra Lightweight
  • 2.1 lb handheld unit – easily carried away for vacuuming beds, sofas, curtains, and your cars.
  • 2-in-1 Crevice Tool – use it to clean your cars, beddings, and corners hard-to-reach.
180 Degree Rotation
  • Highly Versatile – with 180 degree rotation floor brush, turning around is never easier.
  • Removable Beater Bar – can be taken off for cleaning, and avoiding hair twine.
Long-lasting Battery
  • 2200mAh Li-ion Battery – enough capacity for daily cleanings in a single charge.
  • Quick Recharging – it takes only around 4 hours to fully recharge the battery.

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Latest reviews

  1. Susan (verified owner)

    I bought this vacuum for our veterinary hospital. It’s wonderful for pet hair – we have mostly luxury vinyl tile and it does an amazing job with the hair. The charge lasts plenty long, and I love the docking charger station. We had a different type before that was top heavy and poorly made. I bragged about this vacuum and my daughter bought one! She loves hers too!

  2. Donna301 (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] Vacuum number two is still working so far. However I wish the company would have included a little brush to use to get inside the “cyclone” tube for cleaning. It gets clogged very easily and I have to jam my fingers inside of it to remove the pet hair that coils up inside. Reassembling after cleaning it is a trick too. All pieces have to be completely aligned or it won’t snap together properly.

    This is my second vacuum. The first one quit working after about 3 weeks. It would not hold a charge. So it went back and the company sent me a replacement. Customer service was very prompt and helpful. Hoping this one works!

    Works right out of the box. The device was really easy to set up and use. Easy to navigate too. Emptying the cannister is a little weird, I couldn’t get the filter to align again after I emptied it out but I finally got it back together.

    I bought this so we would have an extra vac for upstairs and it works well enough. Not as powerful as my regular vac but it’s got enough suction to do the job.

    I also purchased this so we have a hand held vac for our cars. Haven’t tried it yet but I think it will work just fine.

    Overall, quite good value for the price!!

  3. Amanda Blake (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I’ve had this vacuum over a year and felt compelled to finally leave a review after using it almost daily for this amount of time. For context, I live in a small 500 sq ft apartment in NYC with hardwood floors and a couple of area rugs, no pets. For the hardwood, it will collect dust/crumbs/hair but there’s also a 50% chance the debris will fall out of the vacuum somewhere else in the apartment or near the charging station when I place it in. The suction for rugs isn’t great, I have to vacuum slow and over the same area multiple times to pick up dust.

    Customer service was nice enough to send a free replacement brush when the vacuum malfunctioned and stopped working, which corrected the problem. However, if you need good suction and have a lot of carpet I recommend something different. This is just OK for hardwood floors in a small apartment.

  4. Sarah Betz (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I’ve been using this vacuum for a few months now and it’s still one of my favorite purchases although there are a few cons.
    PROS: great suction, very easy to move around corners and under things, the LED light works SO WELL for seeing all the hair and small stuff on the floor (I actually turn my lights off and use the LED light bc it shows so much more), battery lasts long enough to do my whole house and the charging station is very convenient, great suction to the wall for getting crevices
    CONS: only picks up relatively small stuff like hair and crumbs – anything bigger than a dime will end up getting spit back out. If you have a house bigger than 2000 sq ft you may need to charge halfway through, the dirt is a little annoying to empty but nothing crazy. this product is $10 more expensive than the shark navigator cordless vacuum and the bissell cordless so if warranty and name brand are important to you then obviously the roomie tec is not for you.
    Overall very happy with my purchase

  5. kristina (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I got the vacuum today and after the first job I am satisfied with my purchase, but of course there are things to consider when purchasing this vacuum.
    Pros: light weight, the body is flexible against the base, picks up everything on hard wood, the battery life is great for a 3 bed 2 bath house 1200 square foot with charge still left on eco mode, picked up car litter off hard wood flooring, the hand held device did a great job on the couch and with my youngsters booster seat, it was easy to put together, the device was not overly noisy because usually my cat and toddler run from the vacuum and they didn’t
    Cons: to empty the canister you have to go through a filter and another piece. The filter and the other piece are difficult to align sometimes, but it looks easy to clean the filter and everything. And also kinda a con but a pro as well cause it did remove most debris. I have one bigger area rug and I was not able to go forward because it wouldn’t roll. But the device did a good job going back ward and me softly dragging it.
    Overall the pros outweigh the cons and I think it’s a great vacuum and purchase.

  6. Cynthia Papo (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I received this vacuum last week and it has surpassed expectations. We have hardwood floors and area carpeting throughout. The vacuum handles the changing surfaces without a problem. We bought this vacuum because we have two cats that like to spread kitty litter. This vacuum picks up the litter with no problem even at the edges of the carpeting when changing from hardwood to carpeting.

  7. Jesse James (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] Not exactly a powerhouse but I like it, good for light jobs and when you don’t feel like hauling a vac upstairs.
    Detachable unit is very handy, charges easily. Battery life seems good, not much of a dust capacity but thats part of the tradeoff getting something so portable and light.
    Just know going in that you are not going to be pulling out sheep wool from a thick rug with this thing, it has its limitations and cannot be the only vac in a house but nice secondary vac.

  8. Diane A. (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] Only had it for a week but absolutely love the light weight! Battery seems to last as advertised and it works really well on cleaning up hardwood and carpeted areas. The hand-vac feature is a great added bonus for a quick clean up in hard to reach places with just one click. Also quick & easy to dump out debri collected. Overall a great addition to my arsenal of cleaning equipment and my favorite go to gadget for cleaning up after my 4 yr old granddaughter. Very happy with this affordable cordless convenience!

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If not using the vacuum for two months, should I leave it charging or unplug it?

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asked by Scheerwei on 2021-09-13 23:16:36
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  1. When the vacuum is fully charged on the base, it will then automatically shut off the charging process and stay off completely. It is okay to leave it on the base.
    Scheerwei answered on 2021-09-13 23:18:30
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