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Roomie ‘VINCENT’ 2-in-1 Cordless SlimVac Upright Vacuum Cleaner

23 Reviews

CAD $199.99


Roomie “Vincent”

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with

  • ECO Mode for floor & Tile,
  • MAX Mode for rug & carpet,
  • 4-Stage Cyclone Filtration System,
  • 6 LED Headlights,
  • Self-Standing Upright Position,
  • and Auto Charging Base.
Powerful Suction
  • ECO Mode – great for daily uses, saving battery while vacuuming floors, tiles, and other hard surfaces.
  • Turbo Mode – extra suction power for uses on carpets and rugs, picking up pet hairs, cat litters, and etc.
LED Lights & Rubber Wheels
  • 6 LED Lights – brightens the path around the corners, and under your furniture.
  • Protect Your Floor – all wheels are wrapped with rubber to prevent leaving any marks on your flooring.
Auto Recharge & Storage
  • Auto Recharge – leave Vincent on the charging base after each use, it will automatically recharge, and stop when fully charged.
  • Storage – fold down from upright position, so you can put it away in your closet easily.


Extra Lightweight
  • 2.1 lb handheld unit – easily carried away for vacuuming beds, sofas, curtains, and your cars.
  • 2-in-1 Crevice Tool – use it to clean your cars, beddings, and corners hard-to-reach.
180 Degree Rotation
  • Highly Versatile – with 180 degree rotation floor brush, turning around is never easier.
  • Removable Beater Bar – can be taken off for cleaning, and avoiding hair twine.
Long-lasting Battery
  • 2200mAh Li-ion Battery – enough capacity for daily cleanings in a single charge.
  • Quick Recharging – it takes only around 4 hours to fully recharge the battery.



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Latest reviews

  1. Larry M Hodgson (verified owner)

    This is the second one I have bought. The first one still works after 2 years, but we are tired of moving it in and out of our motorhome. I can highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. It is so easy clean floors.

  2. Matthew Rogers (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] This was a fun one. Vacuum shopping is almost like car shopping at this point, with the amount of models to choose from and different types. This one had great reviews so I thought it was worth trying as I was trying to stick to a reasonable budget (we don’t have a gigantic house).

    Love it. Was amazed that I was able to vacuum the whole house, a 3 bed 2 bath, and still have 2 battery bars lit up. Popped the little guy out of its “”floor”” body and went to town on all the window sills in handheld mode. It’s fantastic and really does have decent suction. Very easy to empty and I like that the internals of the canister pop apart so easy to get rid of all the hair etc. that clogs everything up most of the time. Super easy to use, looks nice, and fills so many little needs.

  3. Nina Fogelman (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I’ve had it only about a week, but I love this little stick vacuum! We have 2 dogs and 4 cats, so there’s always fur to clean up, and kitty litter gets scattered around, too. Having 2 power settings is a plus, although the lower setting is adequate for our bare floors, which was my primary reason for wanting this type of device. Getting out the canister vacuum for everyday cleaning is tedious, and using this lightweight, cordless device is fast, easy, and effective. I also really appreciate that it can be left on the charging stand all of the time without damaging the battery, and the hand vacuum can be easily disengaged when needed. Our previous hand vacuum battery stopped holding a charge, because it couldn’t be left on the charger when fully charged; from what I understand about rechargeable batteries, I think that technology is outdated. This vacuum isn’t powerful enough to be used on carpet, except perhaps if it has very low pile. It does a great job on our doormat and the mat that’s underneath the dogs’ feeding station.

  4. Lucy (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I??m so happy with this vacuum! It makes it so easy to clean up multiple messes a day, since I have little ones.
    It??s not that great on my fluffly carpets, but it works great on hard floors

  5. Rita (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] This is exactly what I needed to clean up cat litter tracks and quick pick up on tile flooring. It appears to be of very good quality and function.

  6. Pinky (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I am so happy I bought this Vacuum. It arrived earlier than expected which was a plus. I love everything about it, from the swivel brush, to the hand vac, to the folding it in half (saves space), to the accessory, to being lightweight, easy to clean and the price was great.

    The biggest reason I love it? BEST CLEANER I have ever had. Don’t be afraid to take a risk because you are not familiar with the name. You will be happy you did.

  7. T.Betty (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I sure hope it lasts! It does such a great job on our slate floors and hardwood. We have a Burnese Mountain Dog and he sheds a load. This cordless vac keeps up just fine. Love that it becomes a hand held for sofa cushions and corners. So convenient not having to drag out my heavy duty corded vac every day.

  8. Cassondra Hammond (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] This vacuum is amazing and perfect in every way (at least what I need it for!) I lazily wanted a vacuum cleaner for both floors of my house, so I wasn’t dragging our big Shark vacuum up and down the stairs. Considering our downstairs is more hardwood floor (in the kitchen and dining room), I wanted a light weight vacuum to quickly fly around and clean up the crumbs in those two rooms. Especially with having a two year old who is very into playdoh, I wanted something I could quickly zip around to clean up his little messes on the hardwood. I am so happy with this vacuum, it makes me much more inclined to vacuum more often, because I know I can quickly roll it through each room. I’d have to say it does not do as heavy duty of a clean up job on the carpets as a sturdier vacuum would do, but that’s not what I purchased it for, so I don’t mind that aspect! My husband also loves the lights at the front of it, because it helps see the little crumbs you might otherwise miss. I also love the little docking/charging station. A cordless vacuum is definitely the way to go for smaller jobs!

  9. Ari Henning (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] We’ve had a corded vac for ages, and with the addition of a cat to our family I was deploying our crappy old vacuum several times a day to suck up litter and scraps from the cat’s play time. I wanted something that was easier to use and wield, and the separate “”dust buster”” aspect was very appealing. Shopped around, read reviews and marketing info (and appreciated the candor of Roomie’s prose) and sprang for this one.
    It assembled in a minute and was pre-charged, so I went to town. It has more suction that our old corded vac and is way quieter. In fact, kitty isn’t even scared of it. I thought the LED “”driving lights”” were a lame gimmick but they’re actually super useful on our hardwood floors. The low light illuminates all the hair and dust so you know what you’re aiming for.
    Overall, very satisfied with this purchase. We’ll see how it holds up over time. The charging base is easy to use as well. I’m actually going to wire an outlet in our closet so this thing has a proper home.

  10. Dawn Walzak (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] OH MY GOSH, WHERE DO I BEGIN?! My family and I use this every single day. It charges very quickly and works so very well. It is perfect to use when you have surprised guest over. There are two levels; regular and stronger. Regular is perfect for tile or wood floor. You can use stronger for carpet or rugs to make sure that you pick up every speck of dirt or dust, even the ones stuck. It is also very easy to empty out and clean it.

  11. Allison Gunter (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] Ok I don’t leave a lot of reviews but feel this product is well worth my time! I was hesitant to purchase this cordless vacuum as I’d never heard of the company but read others reviews & went for it. So glad I did! Granted I’ve only had this for about a week so my thoughts may change in the future but so far I have nothing negative to say about this product. The things I particularly like about it–it’s quiet enough I can use during my kids nap time or after everyone has gone to bed. The “bumper” around the base of vacuum is great so that it doesn’t scratch my wood/cabinets when I get right up against it. The swivel action on it is a plus. It’s SO lightweight that my 2 year old has taken to using it & has no problems pushing it around or carrying it. All in all, I’m thus far beyond impressed!

  12. Winthrop T. (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I purchased this vacuum in December 2018 and it has been going strong ever since. I have had many cordless vacuums over the years as we have a dog (and a very light-colored tile floor) and the cordless vacuums come in handy for a quick clean up of the house. After 7 months, I have zero complaints about this vacuum. The suction strength is good, the battery lasts long and recharges quickly, and it’s easy to empty/clean the debris container. Overall a solid product.

    Vacuums I didn’t have luck with – I have owned a couple of ErgoRapidio’s, some Hoovers, but by all means, stay away from Deik – poor product and no response from their customer service dept while the vacuum was still under warranty.

    Anyway, after a thorough 7 month test period, I am very happy with this vacuum and would highly recommend it.

  13. crystal (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I use this vacuum to clean up my entire house including the garage, in a single charge. The suction power is quite stable through the job, which is really good because my old vacuum slowly loses its power as the bettery drains out. The handheld part comes with an extension tool, to help cleaning corners, and small spaces hard to reach. So far I have no issue at all with this vacuum.

  14. Kista (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] I have 2 green cheek conures and they are messy! I have to sweep up several times a day!
    My previous 2-in-1 stick vacuum, Electrolux Ergorapido, could not pick up larger seeds so, in addition, I had to use a swivel sweeper, which wouldn’t pick up feathers. (?!)
    The reason I like this machine is that it picks up the seeds and the feathers. I also have newspaper trails in certain areas and this does not suck them up. I can even vacuum the newspapers themselves, if I stay away from the corners.
    It’s hard to find a vacuum with just enough suction to pick up what they’re throwing down, but not so strong it’s sucking up my rugs and bird papers. This one is perfect!
    I do wish the filter was easier to clean without getting it wet or a second sponge was included so you can have a clean filter and keep working. Also there needs to be another layer of net over the sponge so you can peel off the accumulation of dust. And don’t run water through the 2nd part of the filter. The part within the frame. It also could use a piece of netting to help with the filter cleaning process. I will add my own net and hope it still works as well. Hmm maybe panty hose socks.. hmmmm
    As you can see in the before and after pics, it cleans up nicely. There is the screen I made to go on top of the sponge, but I’m searching for something that works even better!

  15. Nikki (verified owner)

    [Reviewed on Amazon] So far, this thing is great. It is easily outperforming my plug-in vacuum that its replacing. Battery life on normal cycle is 20+ minutes. You can take your time while vacuuming a 2700sq feet home and still get the job done. I am impressed by the SUCTION. It’s something lacking with most vacuums these days-they tend to try to use their brushes to sweep things towards the weak suction, as opposed to having good overall suction as the main tool for cleaning.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hi there, We think that there's may something have stuck the motor and please clean the vacuum then try it again. You may also contact our service team for more help. Thank you!
  2. A Hi there, from now only our Elite vacuum cleaner can remove its battery. Battery on The Vincent vacuum cleaners can't be removed. About the roller brush, the Vincent vacuum cleaners have two model brushes that rotate two part of purchase date, please confirm when did you buy it before you buy the roller brush.
  3. A Hi there! We are so sorry for that we have no upholstery brush can go with the handheld unit for our Vincent vacuum cleaners now. But we have the pet brush for ou Alpha vacuum cleaners. It's the professional brush that is designed and suitable for pets.
  4. A Hi there, There is a lock beside it. So you may open this lock and can take the floor brush out easily
  5. A Please use our own Roomie TEC accessories for our vacuum cleaners.
  6. A Hi there. Please take the handheld unit and put the included Crevice Tool on it. Then you can clean your cars, beddings, and corners hard-to-reach.
  7. A Hi there. That red pieces are the HEPA for VINCENT vacuum cleaner, and you can buy the replacement on our website
  8. A Hi there, the ECO vacuum mode is 5.3kpa and the MAX mode is 6.3kpa
  9. A Hi there, sorry this vacuum cleaner cannot pick up water, it is for dry use only. However a minor amount of stain should be fine, but more than that, it might cause damage to the motor.
  10. A No bags needed. This is a bagless vacuum.
  11. A Yes the wheels are wrapped with rubber to prevent scratching any surface.
  12. A When the vacuum is fully charged on the base, it will then automatically shut off the charging process and stay off completely. It is okay to leave it on the base.
  13. A Yes! The head swivels easily and lightly.
  14. A Yes, if that unfortunate incident happens we provide free replacement of battery including labor cost. If the battery died within a year, we will replace your entire vacuum with a new one.
  15. A Hi there, as you may see in the main picture, the multifunction brush accessory has its own slot on the charging base. It attaches to the base of the vacuum cleaner charger (as shown in the photo). So when you are not using it, simply attach it to the charging base for storage, and you will never have to wonder where it is.  
  16. A Yes! And it’s all washable so no need to replace. We also do offer replacement filters now for our customers. Please kindly visit filter buy page from our store.
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