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Roomie ‘VINCENT’ 2-in-1 Cordless SlimVac Upright Vacuum Cleaner

547 Reviews



Roomie “Vincent”

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with

  • ECO Mode for floor & Tile,
  • MAX Mode for rug & carpet,
  • 4-Stage Cyclone Filtration System,
  • 6 LED Headlights,
  • Self-Standing Upright Position,
  • and Auto Charging Base.
Powerful Suction
  • ECO Mode – great for daily uses, saving battery while vacuuming floors, tiles, and other hard surfaces.
  • Turbo Mode – extra suction power for uses on carpets and rugs, picking up pet hairs, cat litters, and etc.
LED Lights & Rubber Wheels
  • 6 LED Lights – brightens the path around the corners, and under your furniture.
  • Protect Your Floor – all wheels are wrapped with rubber to prevent leaving any marks on your flooring.
Auto Recharge & Storage
  • Auto Recharge – leave Vincent on the charging base after each use, it will automatically recharge, and stop when fully charged.
  • Storage – fold down from upright position, so you can put it away in your closet easily.


Extra Lightweight
  • 2.1 lb handheld unit – easily carried away for vacuuming beds, sofas, curtains, and your cars.
  • 2-in-1 Crevice Tool – use it to clean your cars, beddings, and corners hard-to-reach.
180 Degree Rotation
  • Highly Versatile – with 180 degree rotation floor brush, turning around is never easier.
  • Removable Beater Bar – can be taken off for cleaning, and avoiding hair twine.
Long-lasting Battery
  • 2200mAh Li-ion Battery – enough capacity for daily cleanings in a single charge.
  • Quick Recharging – it takes only around 4 hours to fully recharge the battery.



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Latest reviews

  1. ANDREW (verified owner)

    Muy buena y potente

  2. Roger G. (verified owner)

    it’s a small machine with limited suction compared with a full size more expensive one but it serves me well.

  3. STEVE (verified owner)

    I researched the hell out of these products and I found that this is for the dollar the very best vacuum. And it so happens that it is quite a remarkable machine, simple with great suction and great battery life. Don’t search further. This is it

  4. Ms Chama (verified owner)

    We had a dustbuster/vac and loved it. When it died we tried to replace it. $199.00. Then no longer in stock. Found this Roomie. Bought 1 for around $100. What’s not to love. We vacuum our entire house & throw rugs on less than 1 charge. 2500 sq. ft. Doesn’t heat up the house on 100+ degree days. We have a Golden Retriever who sheds. No problem. Bought a 2nd one for neighbors/friends who just rebuilt home after the fire. They love it. I could go on but I’m not trying to sell them. Just wanted to let others know our experience.

  5. shaw54 (verified owner)

    Love it! It’s flexible. Swivels right and left. Lightweight but sturdy. Easily goes under sofa and heavy chairs. Works well on woven and braided area rugs. Easy charge. Great for quick cleanup. Highly recommended. Again, highly recommended!!!

  6. Loulou (verified owner)

    J’aime beaucoup. Il fonctionne super bien et a un beau look.

  7. jennifer coles (verified owner)

    Suction is good, super light weight and so effortless to use, quiet and smooth on hardwood floors, we have a yellow lab and always vacuuming this one works great in picking everything up

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