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Roomie ‘SOPHIE’ Smart Body Scale with Free APP – WM

43 Reviews
  • 11 Body metrics – including BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass and etc.
  • 2x AAA Batteries required (included in the package).



Keep Track of Your Body

  • 11 Metrics keeping fit is not just about weight anymore, it is about the overall wellness of your body. “Sophie” has 11 body metrics to help you know yourself better.
  • Body Age “Sophie” analyzes your body composition and calculate your body age. It shows directly whether you’re ahead of your actual age, or behind.

Work Towards Your Goal

  • “Feelfit” APP – our free iOS/Android APP that works best with “Sophie”. You may also record the stats with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and etc.
  • Workout Buddy– “Sophie” keeps track of your progress towards your fitness goal, like a coach.

Accurate, All The Time

  • 4 High Precision Sensors – accurate to two decimal, with BIA technology, and maximum capacity of 330 lbs.
  • Auto Calibration – “Sophie” provides consistent accuracy by performing auto calibration after each use. It also auto turns ON/OFF by stepping on and off the scale.


  • Hands Free no need to look for your phone every time, “Sophie” stores your stats for you. Just step on it now, and track the stats later.
  • Auto Transfer whenever you open our “Feelfit” APP, your previous stored stats will be automatically transferred to your phone. It’s that easy.
  • Unlimited User Profiles create multiple accounts in one APP, keep track of the wellness of your entire family.
  • Kid Friendly you will be surprised how much 2 year old’s love “Sophie”. My baby boy does not go to bath without standing on it first.
  • Watch their growth “Sophie” really helps to record the growth of the young members of your family.

Meet Your New Roomie – Sophie !

The One and Only Smart Body Scale For You.
  • Know your body with 11 metrics.
  • Keep track of your fitness goals.
  • Works with iOS/Android APPs.
  • Built-in memory to store upto 30 uses.
  • Auto Calibration for consistent accuracy.
  • Unlimited user profiles for entire family and more.



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Latest reviews

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Nice little scale and priced well. It is a little small if you have large feet. For reference in the attached pics, I am a men’s size 11 and my feet length takes up the entire scale face. For those with larger sizes it may be small and awkward to stand on but would probably still work as intended. As you can see I need to loose some weight (LOL) so I am excited to use the app. It works well with the iPhone Health app too. I love the other data (shown in app) such as BMI, body fat %, muscle density, and much more. This will be useful in my weight loss journey.

  2. Lewis (verified owner)

    I am more than pleased with this one! It’s extremely accurate and easy using , I had no problems at all connecting my phone with Bluetooth and it is absolutely well worth the money!

  3. Brandy (verified owner)

    Love this scale, it makes it so easy to see my weight and all of the measurements.

  4. Brandee Carlisle (verified owner)

    Works great. Synchs with Gfit and versa

  5. karen ito (verified owner)

    This product is such a great weighing scale, the whole family loves it. It records the whose family’s weight and BMI.

  6. Bere (verified owner)

    I love easy to use and small and cute and for all the family..

  7. SS (verified owner)

    I have lost the box else I would have returned this.Faulty scale and cant even measure the weight properly.Compared with a professional scale and it was off by a good 1.5 pounds.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    Did not state device not compatible with Samsung devices. Had to return product.

  9. nadeen (verified owner)

    Great scale. Just like the one at the doctors office.

  10. Shan81 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this scale. It measures more than just your weight. It measures other things such as your BMI, Muscle Mass, Body Water, Body fat, Skeletal muscle, Protein and more.

    Plus there is an app that you download and connect the scale to via Bluetooth and that app keeps track of all of this every time you weigh with Bluetooth on and your app open so you can see your progress every time.

    It even tells you exactly how much weight you lost or gained instead of just showing you what your current weight is.

    This truly is the best scale ever. I just wish I had the money to get one for my aunt who is trying to lose weight as well. I think one of these would really help her.

  11. Carlos (verified owner)

    The scale works great! The app that you download with the scale is actually really good! it is very clear and easy to understand. It is not cheesy and cheap. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to lose weight or count body fat percentage. Awesome purchase!

  12. Bike Rider (verified owner)

    Since I bought it for accurate weight measurement, all the other metrics (body fat, water weight, muscle weight, bone weight, BMI, etc.) aren’t important to me. It’s a good thing because those metrics need to be taken with a grain of salt. They’re pretty much inaccurate and worthless; except maybe for showing trends. When I had my body fat measured by two methods (pinch and submersion) it was calculated to be around 6%. This scale measures indicates 15% (plus or minus). 15% body fat is kind of chunky, don’t you think? At 6′ and 150 pounds, I’m anything BUT chunky. (I’m a lifetime licensed bicycle racer)It does body weight well. I also have a set of upright clinical balance-beam scales that agrees to the tenth of a pound with this electronic scale.

  13. Christina Thomas (verified owner)

    I love this scale the price was outstanding and it works and does all the things the more expensive brands do. Awesome buy

  14. Heather (verified owner)

    I just got this scale and so far I am in love! Super easy set up plus the Bluetooth app feature is great.

    My only hitch is that the scale is small. So for people with big feet size 9 or larger your feet fit but just barely.

  15. Daniel (verified owner)

    I took a chance on this scale because they offered a $10 discount on an already decent price. This is much smaller than my Withings scale, but let me tell you, it is sooo much more accurate and user friendly. You just download the app, and it runs live while you stand on the scale and makes a cool sound once it has collected your date.

    It works with my fitbit, which syncs to myfitnesspal app. I took some weights off my weight set and tested 20 lbs & 45 lbs weights. 20 lbs was off by 0.4 lbs. The 45 lbs weight was right on. I love the smaller scale too (was worried about this), but i feel the smaller scale platform is more precise than the larger ones.

    Great scale… You wont be disappointed. My wife absolutely loves it too.

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  1. A Hi there, The APP for this smart body scale will not charge an additional fee.
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