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Roomie ‘DYLON’ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

245 Reviews

CAD $139.99


Roomie “Dylon”

Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with

  • 120W Suction Power,
  • Stainless Steel Cyclone Filter,
  • HEPA Filter,
  • One-Click Dust Disposal,
  • Self-Standing Design,
  • Two Extention Bars,
  • and Motorized Floor Brush.

Joyful Cleaning Time!

  • Grab & Go – ‘Dylon’ cordless vaccum is so easy to use that you will find yourself looking for it all the time, and forget about how vacuuming used to be a pain with cords and plugs.
  • Smooth Action – the 180° swivel floor head makes turning a breeze. Also it goes flat to the ground to reach under furnitures.
  • LED Headlights – they are a great addition to the cleaning experience which you would not have realized until you tried it yourself.

Fit for all your vacuuming needs.

Handheld Vacuum

  • As Light As It Can Get – at 2.6 lb the handheld unit is eaily lifted and used with minimun effort.
  • Multi-Function Crevice Tool – attach it directly on the main vacuum unit to clean corners, tables and higher surfaces.

Stick Vacuum

  • Adjustable Length – for some occasions it may be better to attach only one extention bar and use in a shorter version.
  • Durable Material – both extention bars are made with brushed aluminum.

Operate Easily

  • ECO / MAX Mode – 25min ECO Mode is perfect for daily cleaning on all types of floorings. Switch to MAX Mode for carpets and rugs.
  • Battery Indicator Lights – they show the battery usage and charging status.

Advanced Filtration

  • Stainless Steel Cyclone Filter – effectively reduces hair strangle and makes it easier to shake off all the dust around it. It’s also safe to rinse under water.
  • HEPA Filter – removes tiny dust & debris in the vacuum airflow, preventing them going back out again through the air outlet.
  • Filter replacement parts are readily available.

Easy Maintenance

  • 1-Click Dust Disposal – keep your hands clean while emptying the dust bin.
  • Larger Dust Capacity – 1.0L dust bin provides 40% more space than our other models.

No More Falling Over

  • Self-Standing Feature – leave the vacuum on itself when not using. No need to lean it against furniture and watch it accidentally fall.
  • Wall Mount Included – all accessories required are also packed in the box.

Parts & Description

  • What’s in the Box – 1x ‘Dylon’ cordless stick vacuum cleaner, 1x Power Adaptor, 1x Crevice Tool, 1x Motorized Floor Head, 2x Extention Bars, 1x Instruction Manual.




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Latest reviews

  1. Milie O. Klock (verified owner)

    I received this vacuum and really like it a lot. Great for those little pick up jobs where a big vacuum can’t handle!

  2. Rose Barley (verified owner)

    The battery is not lasting more then 10 minutes. I like all that it is lightweight and the suction is pretty good.

  3. Becky (verified owner)

    I loved my roomie tec for the whole year it worked, it was so convenient and lighter, cheaper, easier to use than my previous dyson ! Unfortunately it stopped working. However, I reached out to the company and they quickly responded with ideas to get it going again and when the troubleshooting didn’t work they offered me a refund or new equipment afterwards. Knowing their commitment to customers I will definitely still recommend them and buy again.

  4. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Great vacuum if all the parts came with it. Was missing the filters, manual, plastic hanger and plastic extension. Decided to send it back.

  5. Norm. (verified owner)

    Bonne technologie. Versatile et leger. Silencieux et bonne autonomie de la batterie.

  6. Kai Osmon (verified owner)

    First day of use, does job very well,Let’s see if it keeps working within 3 months

  7. Vivi (verified owner)

    It is my first time to get a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, and the price for this one looks fair to me. I tired it on both carpet and hardwood floor, it was working really well, especially the carpet in my home is very thick. The product is very easy to assemble, and easy to use or carry.

  8. MS (verified owner)

    The package arrived in two days which really impressed me. This is a good vacuum for this price. I know it is unfair to compare this with a Dyson which is 3 times more expensive, but I only have Dyson before I got this one. The suction power is a little weaker than Dyson but it is more silent. It is also lighter than the Dyson. The LED light on the brush is very useful when you try to clean some corner without a good lighting. The wall mountable accessory rack is quite small but did its job.

  9. Guy Richie (verified owner)

    I received my package today and I was able to go around the house and use it. There are pros and cons to this vacuumPROS: It is very light weight NO CORD YES! It moves around very easilyCONS: Suction power needs to be stronger I was vacuuming my room and there is a place where my carpet has a bit of a fold causing there to be crumbs in this crevice. I put my vacuum over it and it wouldn’t suck it up. I had to change heads to the one that will directly grab the crumbs as I put it over the crevice. The dirt you pick up in the vacuum can fall out of it. I had just vacuumed and needed to change heads to get something that wouldn’t be picked up by the standard suction head, and as I turned the vacuum to the side, the dirt came pouring out and I had to vacuum it again. Doesn’t stand up by itself, it has a piece that you drill into your wall that acts as a holder. If you don’t want holes in your wall, that won’t work.Overall, I think it’s a great vacuum, I am learning how to hold it so dirt doesn’t fall out. I like that it’s so light weight and that there is no cord. I would recommend waiting til the cost is less than $100 to buy it, I personally do not view this vacuum being worth $100. However, I believe the potential is really awesome. I think if they took it back and made some changes to it, it would really be amazing.If you aren’t wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a vacuum that can do things similar to this but better, this is a good alternative, just know there are some flaws to it.

  10. Stacy Wilson (verified owner)

    Love it

  11. Ronald (verified owner)

    I never thought that vacuuming is such fun. LolHonestly, me and wife both love this item. Cordless and very light. Very easy to maneuver to direction you want. The suction is strong enough if you click the max. So far so good.

  12. Robin D. (verified owner)

    Just got this yesterday (10/22) and I never had so much fun cleaning my house lol. If I remember correctly it says it runs for about 25 minutes on regular power before the battery is drained? At first I thought wow that’s not enough time to vacuum the whole house but it was, I ended up using only half. I also like that it’s quiet. My dogs aren’t even scared of this one which is a plus because the last vacuum was loud, it made both my dogs scared and they would run around barking. I also like that there’s lights when you vacuum. Now I can see under and around dark spaces and not miss a thing.My only dislike about the vacuum but it’s not a huuuuge dislike is when you connect all the extension parts it’s a little wobbly. Other than that. I enjoying this vacuum.

  13. Cena (verified owner)

    This is the worst vaccum as far as actual suction power.I am so disappointed with this and I got rid of my old vacuum that worked great because I bought this.It clogs constant and it don’t pick up anything but little pieces of dirt.Not what o expected at all.

  14. Me c (verified owner)

    I purchased this because I have 18 steps to vacuum. When I opened the box I plugged it in to charge overnight. When I used it the next day, it stayed on for 2 minutes and then shut off. I tried again and again it did the same thing. I contacted roomie by email to tell them. They suggest I exchange. I requested a refund instead. I knew there was no time to send me another one due to the corona virus shutting down some here shipping. I would have exchanged it otherwise.
    While on the auction was great. It’s light weight. It seems easy to use. I wish it had stayed on.

  15. candy (verified owner)

    Very light good value last 24 minutes before it needs charging easy to assemble my husband loves it lol

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